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What is Hatch Hut?

Hatch Hut is the solution for the outdoor adventurer who is tired of gearing up in compromising weather.   Whether you are an avid snow industry goer or are in the surf, beach, our mountain communities, Hatch Hut will make your experience more comfortable.  Hatch Hut offers a quick and easy space that allows any outdoor adventurer or athlete to change gear or clothing and stay out of the elements, while maintaining comfort and privacy.

Get out of the elements and into your gear

About Us

We are Outdoor Adventurers


Our Story

We live to spend time at the beach and in the mountains, and welcome the amazing elements of weather that come along with both.  A few years back, while enjoying a heavy snow day in the Sierras, I watched a friend of mine race frantically to get his wife, 2 children, and all of their snow gear back into their SUV while attempting to stay dry.  Having done exactly what he was doing a few minutes earlier, I thought to myself, “there HAS to be a better way”.  The idea of Hatch Hut was born.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a quality product that will improve the experience of outdoor adventurers while they gear up or down, so they can do what they love doing most, comfortably and dry.


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